Andrew Cerami

My work explores the inseparable and fluid relationship between form, energy and material. I treat this subject as a portal between states of consciousness as well as a way to consider alchemical processes of transformation. There is always an instant occurrence when something formless takes on meaning or evokes a symbolic or archetypal quality and I am always trying to capture that moment. This is interesting to me because that instance is really the only instance- the eternal now, out of which form or order is constantly emerging or, perhaps, transforming. Everything in reality is vibrating and resonating with its environment at harmonic intervals that shape its quality, form and appearance. My work is really about seeking primal forms that emerge from the background resonance and fixing them into material. Contemporary humans in technological and mass-cultural societies tend to live in abstracted and derivative realities that are disconnected from foundational and intuitive understandings of the natural and even supernatural world and its laws. I think this is a big problem that is leading to an increasingly compartmentalized and alienated sense of self that is trapped by a false sense of duality and divided against natural reality. My job as an artist is to create context for the viewer to reflect the essential and emergent non-duality of consciousness so that identity can be expanded. Art should always be expansive.